A Lidless Eye

A Lidless Eye

This work is investigating the murky links between blindness, sight and language, drawing from a novel titled The Parable of The Blind by Gert Hofmann, a novelist and radio playwright.

The writer gives a narrative fiction to a painting of the same name by Pieter Bruegel from 1858.  This work is based around certain aspects of the story and of the painting. Without visuals to orient the novel, absence becomes the principle subject. The story displaces truth of verifability, and this has been the basis of the script, which hinges on the relationship between truth, sight and language.

A Lidless Eye, HD Video with sound, 04:49, 2018.

Performed by Rebecca Locke and Garreth Tuite

Screened at IADT Graduate Exhibition, Dublin, 2018

Filmed in Dublin, Irelan