Meshwork is a moving image response to the connective structures built by Deliverables over a one year period. It reaches to articulate and archive the project’s acquisition, by tuning it to the frozen Quebec landscape, where the artist is situated. Meshwork focuses on witnessing the ice fishers of Brome Lake, Quebec. Brome Lake is a stage for a gathering of remote processes, over timelines and layers, housing a non linear exploration of the Deliverables story. The film draws from a text by social anthropologist Tim Ingold, titled ‘The life of Lines’, a narrative that interlaces bodies, minds, landscapes, topographies, and perceptions in a correspondence of lines.

“Deliverables is a remote collaborative exhibition project by Alex Keatinge, Bronagh Gallagher, Dáire McEvoy, Ellen O’Connor, Lorcan McGeough and Olivia Normile. Our exhibition is, among other things, the story of a postal package, an experiment in communal art making, and the celebration of a collaborative structure built over the course of one year, spanning across the Atlantic ocean.”

Meshwork, HD video with sound, 08:24, 2022.

Filmed in Quebec, Canada.

Narrator – Isabel Fuentes.

Screened at Deliverables, Pallas Projects, Dublin, April 2022.